Conibear Design services include a cultivated and curated design process. This process helps break downthe many steps and elements that go into a project. You can choose individual services based on the scale of your project, or be guided start to finish. This facilitates an approachable and organized design experience, guiding your vision to fruition. 



Conibear Design puts a strong focus on concept development. It is usually the first step of the design process, after a programming interview; represented by a Concept board. Learn more 


Once the initial concept has been developed, then we start to focus on the space. Space planning involves the consideration of circulation, use, lifestyle and aesthetic. We start off with rough floorplans and elevations, honing in on the details area by area until a formal design is produced.


Once a more concrete design is established, Conibear Design offers a unique rendering technique to help visualize your design. Rendered elevations is a fantastic way to help visualize your design and explore different color and height options, further refining the design. See more


After we have established a concrete design, Conibear design will produce professionally detailed drawings to provide for all appropriate contractors involved in the project. These drawings are comprehensive and include the location of built-ins, appliances, fixtures and finishes, ceiling plans, and all necessary schedules. This ensures the design is built to the exact specifications, facilitating a straightforward renovation experience. 


Conibear Design offers personalized decorating services to further elevate your interior space. Whether it's helping with the selection of furniture, paint colors, light fixtures or decorative objects, we can work together to transform your space into a unique and custom environment. Because it's all about those finishing touches that make a design yours. 

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